Fumbling Towards Here

Who is fumbling around here

We have both always wanted children. Between us we’ve been at this since March of 2004 with a long break. Then Dakota (that’s me) met Mulberry in 2005 🙂 Together we restarted efforts in baby-making in November of 2007.

Dakota’s body (controlled hypothyroidism, heterozygeous for MTHFR clotting gene)

2 home insemination cycles with known donor which resulted in two pregnancy losses in 2004.  Took a long break to regroup. (and needed a chance to meet Mulberry)

3 IUI which resulted in two chemical pregnancy losses in 2008. (Feb, March, April 08 – all un-medicated)

2 IVF egg retrievals.

  • One with the intention of freezing embryos for later transfer to mulberry.
  • One with the intention of fresh embryo transfer to mulberry.

Mulberry’s body

4 IUI  (Jan 08 un-medicated, Sept 08 clomid, Nov 08 Follistim, Feb 09 Gonal F)

1 IVF egg retrieval where we froze 5 embryos in February 2009.

2 Embryo transfers received.

  • One with two of Dakota’s frozen embryos in December 2008. Not the result we were hoping for.
  • One with three of Dakota’s fresh embryos in April 2008.  Two of them took, but we lost one of them at 13 weeks. We are now awaiting a January arrival of our singleton.

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