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Freeze Frame

Posted by dakota on September 19, 2008

The Greek goddess of wisdom and war called to deliver the news to us today.
Well, one of the embryologist’ named after this goddess gave us a call, but, anyway I thought it apropos we get the news from her since this process seems to require preparation for elements of wisdom and varieties of war.
Corpuscular combat.
Doctor duking.
Insurance impalement.

Both embryologists I spoke to were kind, very competent, and answered all my questions with just the right amount of humor and compassion.

I started writing this post earlier this afternoon but it felt very technical and jumbled.
So I got rid of it.  Here is the distillation:

We have four embryos.
I am elated that four have made it to today.
A little sad that they are now just frozen in time.
Today they feel like babies somewhere I can’t reach.

We are eleven days away from knowing if we have a pregnancy.
I really want a baby.
You know?

I looked up freeze frame and I found two descriptions:
* An optical printing effect in which a single frame image is repeated so as to appear stationary when projected.

* The image on the screen stops, freezes and becomes a still shot.

The two are related with a nuanced difference– one appears stationary but is actually moving (like a possible pregnancy in a tww) the other is a snapshot of a held moment  (like a cryopreserved embryo).


8 Responses to “Freeze Frame”

  1. bleu said

    So happy for your 4. Excited for the 2ww too. It seems a wistful time yeah?
    I hope it is filled with laughter and love at every moment!!

  2. Eva said

    Yes! 4! That’s great. Good for you. The TWW sucks but I’m sure you and your love will make the best of it. xo

  3. halfadozen said

    Wowsers! 4!!! That is fantastic! I am sure it must be really strange to have your babies-to-be frozen in time like that. Although decidedly cool! I am sending every sticky vibe I have got in me to you and mulberry, that this is your lucky month… The tww is killer but keep busy, don’t count down and before you know it, it will be time…

  4. Melody said

    4 is awesome. Two in Dakota and two freezable? Sending you all light and love and hoping like crazy that this your time.

  5. Olive said

    Yes, I do know! I want you to have that baby too.

    Yay for 4.

  6. I am over the moon about 4. I have been thinking about those babies-to-be all week. You guys are doing all steps so very well, I know a baby must be at the end of this somewhere. I am hoping in a few short days. xoxo L.

  7. Lizzie said

    Defrosting my hopes for you! xoxoxo

  8. Lizzie said

    Hey lady – Thinking of you – are you guys around at the end of the month? I’m going to be in NYC and would love to meet up – if you have time.

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