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Sunnyside Update

Posted by dakota on September 16, 2008

The embryologist called to say we had seven mature eggs– four fertilized normally and one abnormally. The abnormal one had a triploid set of chromosomes. He said this happens in one in twenty. I haven’t really processed any of this (as in focused on the genetic abnormality) but I am going to say that I think four fertilized eggs is damn good news.

Wednesday or Thursday we find out if they decide to grow into embryos.


10 Responses to “Sunnyside Update”

  1. Sunnyside update. You funny.

    Good luck. It definitely looks sunny.

  2. bleu said

    YAY, grow 4 grow!!!

  3. Olive said

    Four is good news!

  4. Melody said

    4! Whoo-hooooo!

  5. halfadozen said

    Hooray, hooray, horay!!!! 4 possible babies to be! I hope they happily grow and divide in exactly the way they are supposed to… Great news…

  6. Heidi said

    Oh yes Dakota!!!!! I liked the way you described it!! I totally hit the panic button. I thought you put it so well, I had to use it, and give you credit!!!

    Thank you sooo much for your support 😉

  7. Eva said

    That’s awesome. Congrats!

  8. Four fertilized is definitely great news – congrats!

  9. Lizzie said

    Great news! Thrilled for you guys!

  10. Sarah Soda said

    Four! That’s wonderful– Let’s go eggs! Looking forward to the update!

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